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  1. How many passengers do your balloons hold?  We fly a 3, 6, and 8 passenger balloons.

  2. Do you pick-up?  Yes, we give complimentary pick-up service in the Napa and Yountville area.  Pick-up times vary depending on the time of year you book.

  3. What times do you fly?  Only early mornings during the sunrise  because it’s the calmest and coolest… which is the best environment for our balloons.

  4. How long are your flights?  About an hour, depending on winds and landing availability, however, allow 2 hours for your adventure.

  5. How high do you fly?  Typically, 2500 ft depending on wind speed and cloud density.

  6. Will I get motion sickness?  No, only motion you will feel is different wind directions at different heights… it’s like floating in air.

  7. What do I wear?  The mornings will be nippy, however the heat from the hot air balloon will warm you up.  We recommend casual attire, light layers, closed toe shoes, hats (for the burners) & sunglasses (for the sun).

  8. Do you take children?  Yes, 6 years & older... however, we charge the same rate as an adult because they are taking up the same space as an adult would.

  9. Do you take expecting mothers?  Due to safety precautions, we do NOT.

  10. Can I bring a camera or camcorder?  YES!  Make sure your devices are FULLY charged!!!

Meeting Location

We offer complimentary pick-up in the Napa and Yountville area (must be requested), however if we are not picking up, our meeting location is located at the Redwood Plaza, near Starbucks.  Meeting time varies depending on the time of year you book, but it is generally 30-45 minutes prior to sunrise.  


Get there early to enjoy your cup of Starbucks!  Last chance to use the restroom before we shuttle you to the launch site.  NO BATHROOMS at the launch site or in the balloons!  


Napa Valley Drifters hot air balloon named Skywalker.  #Drifters  #HotAir
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