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Napa Valley Drifter's hot air balloon named Wind Dancer.  #Drifters #HotAir


Hot Air Balloon Tour

Watch the sun rise across Napa’s picturesque mountains and wineries from a gondola high in the sky!  Our balloons are flown by experienced FAA pilots who know the valley VERY well, creating the SAFEST and most amazing experience.


Napa Valley Drifters takes flight early mornings, seven days a week, weather permitting.  Each trip offers the unique opportunity to experience the balloon’s inflation, take pictures, enjoy the sunrise, and end with a complimentary bottle of champagne from Napa Valley’s very own vineyard.  


Shared Balloon:  $215 per person 

Private Balloon for 2 passengers: $1,000

Private Balloon for 3 passengers: $1,100

Private Balloon for 4 passengers: $1,400 

Private Balloon for 5 passengers: $1,550

Private Balloon for 6-8 passengers: $1,600

Prices Subject to change in high season (September & October) call for pricing.


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